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From the North Cape to Lindesnes

Real Turmat is my most important fuel on my way from the North Cape to Lindesnes. This outdoor food is cooked, freeze-dried, and packaged in this wonderful city I live in: Tromsø! I am proud to be a an ambassador for Real Turmat while trekking across Norway.

Grocery stores are scarce when you’re trekking across the country, and in northern Norway there is no food available on the DNT (The Norwegian Trekking Association)-cabins. For that reason I have depots with Real Turmat along the way, and carry food for up to two weeks at a time. The body needs a lot more energy on tour then a day at the office, so a daily ration for a long trip will be a lot larger than what you normally eat. It is very important for me to bring as much energy and nutrition per gram food as possible. I’ve been completely dependent upon light, freeze-dried food to be able to carry enough with me.

When everything you need has to be carried on your back it’s also important to think about using as little energy as possible in preparation, that way you don’t need to carry with you a lot of fuel. A lot of the dried food you buy at the store has to cook for 10-15 minutes, your gas canister will not last long. Real Turmat only requires you to boil water, and in the summer this doesn’t require a lot of gas. That way I can manage with just one canister in my backpack.

On long trips it’s hard to cover the energy your body utilizes. That’s why I break all dietary rules with a good conscience. I lay in on chocolate and other goodies in between main meals. The body benefits of it! In addition to muesli for breakfast, soups and dinner, I refuel with energy chocolate, beef snacks and energy drinks from Real On the Go.

They say, “you are what you eat”. In that case I must have become a very “real” person. After eating pretty much the entire menu of Real products, I can reveal that my favorites are Kebab stew, Chicken Tikka Masala, Pork Sweet’n sour and Cod in curry sauce. Well seasoned dishes with great taste.

In the end, a Real Turmat tip: Sometimes when eating in nature it can be cold and dreary, even on a summer day it can be rather chilly to sit down for a meal. Once the Real Turmat pouch is filled with hot water, it has to sit for about 8 minutes. To not freeze during the waiting period I zip the bag closed and put in on my stomach inside my coat. That way both me and the food is good and warm throughout the break!

Everyone should eat outside more! Happy trekking-appetite!