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For those heavy days
in the field

In order to perform during challenging conditions you have to make sure your diet is well balanced, with a sufficient amount of carbs, fat and protein. REAL Field Meal is made by a skillful team of chefs, securing you a nutritious and lightweight meal – easy to prepare and rich in natural flavour.


Stay focused and perform

A tasty and nutritious hot meal provides plenty of needed daily nutrients. Our variation of set menus ensures the intake of nutrients from diverse food such as meat, fish, poultry, potatoes, pasta, rice and vegetables. Our chefs work with some of the best ingredients available and put real effort and expertise into developing the various tastes. All of our dinners carefully balance nutrition and taste with 100 % natural flavour – boosting your energy.


Kickstart your day

A tasty and nutritious meal is important when you have had some hours rest. The meal should be suited to give you a feeling of being full and of course provide new energy. The fibre content in the coarse grains helps keep the glucose-level stable. Hot or cold, ready when you are. Enjoy your meal and carry on.

The Arctic Field Ration

We know that conditions may be challenging and your tasks might not be easy. That’s why we have put together a perfect combination of fat, carbs and proteins for you to obtain that vital balance of nutrients. As they are all equally important, we recommend that you consume everything provided in the ration.

Read all about our philosophy

Developing the
Field Meal concept

Over the past three decades we have cooperated closely with The Norwegian Army in order to develop carefully assembled day rations providing sufficient nutrition and a well balanced diet for personnel in challenging situations. The Arctic Field Ration is the final result.

We are proud to deliver NATO approved lightweight meals and complete daily rations that comprises all conceivable requirements for both nutrition and tricky logistical challenges. With our broad expertise, extensive experience, backed up by probably some of the worlds toughest product tests, we have created a unique product with great flexibility and quality into the smallest detail. It is essential as our clients must be able to stay focused and perform when the heat is on.

Our products conquer new ground every day

Staying focused and prepared is always of the outermost importance for all personnel in challenging situations. Increasingly more communities turn to REAL Field Meal in order to stock up on supplies to master harsh environment and extreme activities. Our flexible solutions and lightweight supplies has extreme durability and caters for every demand. Read all about our philosophy

All our meals are really easy to prepare.
Just add hot or cold water, stir well, wait a few of minutes and you’re ready to eat.